Lecturer Faculty

As a Lecturer Faculty, your teaching role is pivotal to addressing our University’s mission to lead, create and innovate. You play an important role in inspiring and stimulating the intellectual development of our students. We recognize your contributions to our campus community. The following are helpful resources for you. 

Please note, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development provides the following information for Lecturer Faculty only as a reference point. All Lecturer Faculty should contact their respective Colleges for all important information and processes. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development is not responsible for the hiring, management nor distribution of benefits for Lecturer Faculty. 

Human Resources: Lecturer Faculty Benefits Information: 

As an employee of the California State University (CSU), you have a comprehensive program of health benefits including medical, dental, vision, flexible benefits programs and more available to you and, in many instances, your family. Please note important information on benefits.

FAQs for Lecturer Faculty

Lecturer Faculty: The California State University (CSU) system classifies all of the following as "Lecturers": part-time faculty, temporary faculty, lecturers and adjunct faculty.

Lecturer Faculty are faculty who have term appointments that range from one quarter or semester to several years in length and that are usually conditional on budget and enrollment. Lecturer Faculty usually fulfill a primary appointment of teaching and are not expected to contribute to service or research, scholarship, or creative activities. Typically, an advanced, post-baccalaureate degree is required for lecturer faculty positions.

  • Lecturers also have the right to receive Service Salary Increases (SSIs) after teaching 24 Weighted Teaching Units (WTUs) in the semester system or 36 WTUs in the quarter system in the same department or unit (when SSIs are negotiated) up to the SSI maximum for their range (Lecturer A, B, C, D). The CFA and CSU shall determine SSI salary adjustments during annual negotiations. 
  • Lecturers who have been in their range for five years and are at the SSI maximum for that range are eligible to apply for a Range Elevation, that is, to move from Range A to B, B to C or C to D.
  • Lecturers possessing terminal degrees appropriate for teaching in the discipline must be appointed in Range B or higher.  

Other Info: Senate's Principles Concerning Lecturer Faculty: https://senate.sfsu.edu/pro/lecturer-faculty


Temporary Faculty (Lecturer Faculty): Temporary faculty are designated as lecturers regardless of salary level.

  • Lecturer appointments can be full-time or part-time.
  • Appointments are made by an academic unit (department, program or equivalent unit) based on program need, for instance, to replace tenured/tenure-track faculty on leave; to fill a temporary need; to meet ongoing programmatic needs and so on. For more information, please visit Academic Senate lecturer faculty website.
  • An employee must be appointed at least half-time (equivalent to 7.5 Weighted Teaching Units for academic year appointments) for more than six months, or;
  • If employed in an R03 Lecturer or Coach Academic Year position, the employee must be appointed for at least six (6) weighted teaching units for at least one semester, or two or more consecutive quarter terms.
  • Qualifying appointments may be either permanent or temporary. 
  • Employment at half-time or more for one year or more is covered by CalPERS retirement membership immediately upon appointment of the employee. (Government Code 20305(2))
  • Employment with a term of full-time continuous employment in excess of six months is covered by CalPERS retirement membership immediately upon appointment. In addition, shorter duration full-time temporary employment, which is extended to continue beyond six months is covered at the beginning of the first pay period following the completion of 125 days or 1,000 hours of service. (Government Code 20305(3)(A))
  • Part-time or intermittent employment exceeding 125 days (if paid on a per diem basis) or 1,000 hours within a fiscal year is covered by CalPERS retirement membership effective the beginning of the first pay period following the completion of 125 days or 1,000 hours of service. (Government Code 20305(3)(B))
  • Temporary faculty who work two consecutive semesters or three consecutive quarters at half time or more qualify for CalPERS membership effective with the start of the next consecutive semester or quarter if that appointment requires service of half-time or more. (Government Code 20305(4))

For more information on all benefits details for Lecturer Faculty, please contact your respective College and SF State's Human Resources