Faculty use the electronic Working Personnel Action File (eWPAF) to document and update all their teaching, service and scholarship activities. Your eWPAF operates through the Interfolio platform, an academic faculty management software. SF State uses Interfolio to manage the Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RPT) process. 

Since RTP is an ongoing process, you may begin collecting and documenting relevant information the day you begin your academic career at SF State. 

Please note: Faculty do not create an account with Interfolio for the RTP process. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development will create a case file for each faculty member. Faculty candidates and reviewers will sign in using their SF State ID and password.  

Candidates Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates

Press the button below to sign on to eWPAF. This will require your San Francisco State University login credentials (SSO). 

Sign-on eWPAF 

Files can be uploaded in the following formats:

.DOC,.DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX, .PPT, .PPTX, .DOT,.ODT, .WPD, .RTF, .TXT, .HTML, .PDF, .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG. Any paper documents will need to be scanned as electronic PDFs before being uploaded.

File Size Limit: 100 MB

In addition, media files can be added but will need to be hosted on other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Any web links can be included within a document uploaded to your file. 

Click here for how to link to webpages in your Dossier.  


The Dossier is a repository of your uploaded documents within the eWPAF system. Any documents you upload to your current case file will automatically upload and be stored in the Dossier. You may also choose to upload files first into the Dossier to add them to your file later. These files will remain in your Dossier for future reference and for creating future eWPAF files. 


Yes, files can be deleted from the dossier folder and will not delete materials from your case file.


Yes, you can find the SETE summary template by clicking here.


Yes, paper SETE scores and handwritten comments should be scanned as PDFs and then uploaded into your eWPAF.


It is possible to download the SETE reports as a PDF and upload that file to your eWPAF. For information on how to save your reports as a PDF, consult the SETE Portal Guide FAQ.


You have the option to name the file at the time of upload or update it once it has been added to your packet. Files can only be renamed in the eWPAF case file at the time of uploading (adding) in the eWPAF.

Per Academic Senate Policy F22-241, if you do have materials to submit after the closing date, contact your Department RTP Committee. 

Documents should appear in reverse chronological order within each section, newest on top and oldest at the bottom. Note that each new file added to your section appears at the bottom of the list. Once uploaded, files can be moved by clicking on the cursor left of the title and moving the file up or down. If you wish to move files from one section to another, review the following guide.

Candidates have access to their files until the file is submitted for review. Files within the Dossier folder serve as a “back-up folder” and can only be viewed by the faculty member.

After submission, only the assigned reviewers have access during the assigned timeframe for review.

The eWPAF is only available online within the system.

A response is only required when the candidate wants to submit a rebuttal. “If a rebuttal is submitted, only the reviewer(s) at the current stage of the eWPAF and subsequent reviewers will be able to see the rebuttal. Reviewers, at any stage of the eWPAF, do not receive notification of rebuttals submitted by the faculty. 

Reviewer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Reviewers

Press the button below to sign on to eWPAF. This will require your San Francisco State University login credentials (SSO). 

Sign-on eWPAF 

Please refer to the Reviewer Help Guides and Downloading Instructions below.

Reviewers will see the case file after the candidate submits and the file has reached your level of review. For example, reviewers at the chair level will only see the case file once the RTP committee has reviewed and forwarded the file (the download option is available to reviewers).  

Sign-on eWPAF 

There are two types of reviews: shorts reviews (Years one, three and five) and comprehensive reviews (Years two and four).    

After reviewing the candidate’s file, a “short review” file requires the completion of the Reviewer Form (also referred to as a Cover Sheet) at the RTP Committee, Chair/Director and the Dean/University Librarian review levels. Only one Reviewer Form is required at each level of review. The Reviewer Form should also be shared with the candidate. Instructions to complete and share the Reviewer Form can be found in the user guide.

Reviewer Form User Guide

To view PDF files, you may download Adobe Reader