New Parents

What an exciting time in your life! As you embark on this new journey, we are here to support you. Below you will find internal and external resources that can help you navigate this new and exciting chapter in your life.  

Parent Resources

Non-Industrial Disability Leave

Non-industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) is a wage continuation program paid for by the state. There are no employee contributions, enrollment fees or medical examinations required in order to be eligible. NDI provides up to 26 weeks of benefits to eligible employees who are unable to work due to a non-work-related illness or injury, including pregnancy. This plan is in lieu of State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefit that is also administered through the Employment Development Department.

Overview of SF State leave of Absence Programs

An employee should provide at least a 30-day notice to the campus before the commencement of any paid or unpaid leave; however, if the leave must begin in less than 30 days, the employee must provide as much notice as possible. An employee should complete a Leave of Absence Request Form. After all department signatures are acquired, the form is submitted to Human Resources Management for approval. Employees are advised to meet with Benefits prior to taking a medical/disability leave, and physician certification of disability is required.


The LifeMatters website offers an abundance of educational information, self-service options and interactive tools. All services provided in person, over the phone or via the internet by LifeMatters are free to you, your eligible dependents (whether or not they live at home) and other family members who live with you — and if you are referred to outside resources, you will be advised about any potential costs. Your privacy is respected, so keep in mind that the use of this service is totally confidential (except in rare instances when your safety or the safety of another individual may be at risk).

Free Diapers

  • 170 Otis Street, 1st Floor @Child Care Resource Desk, (415) 557-5100
  • 1235 Mission Street, (415) 558-4700
  • 3120 Mission Street, (415) 401-4800
  • 37 Grove Street, (415) 644-0504 ext. 2320
  • 156 Broad Street, (415) 406-1370 

San Francisco Human Services Agency  

San Francisco Human Services Agency provides several community-based organizations to assist parents in obtaining information, resources, referrals, techniques and support that will assist them in strengthening their parenting capacity.