Work/Life Benefits & Policies

Welcome to the work/life balance and policies page. At SF State, we value a healthy balance between your career and personal life. Here you will find information about internal resources regarding work/life benefits and policies. 

Work/Life Benefits & Policies Resources

SF State's Office of Human Resources provides a wide variety of services and resources for current and potential faculty, staff and administrators. Their website includes extensive information about employment opportunities, benefit plans and programs, University policies, procedures and guidelines, payroll, financial planning and retirement and links to relevant resources. The fundamental mission of Human Resources is to ensure that SF State's faculty and staff have no distractions from fulfilling the role you each were hired to accomplish.

Benefits and Pay gives an overview of salary and benefits information for tenure-track faculty has been developed by the Office of Human Resources and Risk Management. 

Benefits and Retirement Services provides service as a one-stop shop for your Benefits & Retirement needs; provides SF State employees with a variety of resources and assistance during any life-changing events from the time of hire to the time of separation. 

San Francisco State University values enabling its eligible employees the opportunity to achieve a work-life harmony through various Leave of Absence Programs.


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