This page contains frequently asked questions and answers for candidates and reviewers.  This page will be updated periodically. To jump to a section, click on the category listed below.


How do I create an account?

Faculty do not create an account with Interfolio for the RTP process. Faculty Affairs will create a case file for each faculty member.  

How do I access my account?

Follow these directions from our help documents site to log in with your SF State username and password.

What platform are we using for the eWPAF?

San Francisco State has adopted Interfolio for the eWPAF Platform. When you recieve an email about a file you are creating or reviewing, you will see the Interfolio logo as well as the San Francisco State logo.

Do I have to pay to use Interfolio?

No. Be sure to follow these directions to sign in with your SF State username and password to get access to your file.

Where can I find a document that lists what is required for RTP review by review year?

Guidelines and requirements for the RTP process can be found here.

What kind of files can be uploaded into the platform?

Files can be uploaded in .DOC,.DOCX, .DOT,.ODT, .WPD, .RTF, .TXT, .HTML, .PDF

Where can I find help with the eWPAF?

  • For guidelines and deadlines can be found here.
  • Technical help guides can be found here.
  • For questions regarding creating or reviewing the eWPAF, or in finding your account, contact facaffairs@sfsu.edu.
  • For assistance on using the platform such as logging in or adding files to your case, contact facaffairs@sfsu.edu.

For Candidates

How do I upload a file to my eWPAF?

This user guide will show you how you can upload a document to your case. 

Can the title of a file be changed after it is uploaded?

You have the option to name the file at the time of upload, or update it once it has been added to yout packet.

How do I add paper documents such as written peer evaluations to my eWPAF?

Paper documents will need to be scanned as an electronic PDF first, then uploaded into your file.

How can I add web links or my iLearn course to my eWPAF?

To include web links of creative or pedagogical work, upload a document containing those links or review the following guide here. For password protected environments such as iLearn, you may provide screen shot images within a document you upload into your file.

What is the Dossier?

The Dossier is a repository of your uploaded documents within the eWPAF system. Any documents you upload to your current case file will automatically upload and be stored in the Dossier. You may also choose to upload files first into the Dossier to add them to your file later. These files will remain in your Dossier for future reference and for creating future eWPAF files.

How do I add a file from the Dossier to my eWPAF?

When adding a new document to any section, you have the option of uploading a new document from your computer or an existing document from your Dossier. View the user guide on adding a document to your eWPAF to learn more.

Does renaming the file in my Dossier automatically rename the file in my eWPAF?

No, renaming the file in the Dossier only applies to the Dossier folder. Files can only be renamed in the eWPAF case file at the time of uploading (adding) in the eWPAF.

Do reviewers have access to my Dossier?

No, the Dossier folder is similar to a “back-up folder” for each faculty member account. Files within can only be viewed by the faculty member.

Can files be deleted from my Dossier?

Yes. Files can be deleted from the dossier folder.

Is there a template for the SETE summary table?

Yes. You can find the template by clicking here.

Do SETE scores prior to 2013 and student comments need to be scanned?

Yes. Paper SETE scores and handwritten comments should be scanned as PDFs and then uploaded into your eWPAF.

How do I upload SETE reports?

It is possible to download the SETE reports as a PDF and upload that file to your eWPAF. For information on how to save your reports as a PDF, consult the SETE Portal Guide FAQ.

Where do I find information on deadlines for submission?

Deadlines are established in the RTP Calendar

How can I add a file to my eWPAF after the closing date?

If you do have materials to submit after the closing date, contact Faculty Affairs, and we will add a section for you to submit these materials.

How do I order my documents in each section?

Documents should appear in reverse chronological order within each section, newest on top and oldest at the bottom. Note that each new file added to your section appears at the bottom of the list. So that they appear in the correct order. Once uploaded, files can be moved by clicking on the cursor left of the title and moving the file up or down, if you wish to move files fom one section to another, review the following guide here.

Is there a preferred format for saving file names?

Yes. Guidelines are available here.

Can a colleague or my RTP commitee review my file before I submit my eWPAF?

Due to security access, the eWPAF is available to reviewers at the time the packet is submitted. 

Who has access to my file and for how long?

Candidates have access to their files until the file is submitted for review. Only the assigned reviewers have access during the assigned timeframe for review.

Can I download my eWPAF?

The eWPAF is only available online within the system.

How are reviewers notified when I submit a rebuttal?

Reviewers must log in at the appropriate deadline date to view the candidates rebuttal. No email or other notification is generated.

Do I need to submit a response if I don't want to submit a rebuttal?

No additional response is required if candidate does not submit a rebuttal.

For Reviewers

Why can't I see the case file?

Reviewers will see the case file after the candidate submits and the file has reached your level of review. For example, reviewers at the chair level will only see the case file once the RTP committee has reviewed and forwarded the file.

How do I access the candidate file?

This user guide will help you access all of the files that have been assigned to you during this review cycle.

How do I review the files?

This user guide will assist you in viewing and reviewing the files.

How do I submit a report?

After reviewing the candidate’s file and completing the report, upload your report by following the instructions in the user guide.

Do I submit a report for a short review?

After reviewing the candidate’s file, the reviewer has the choice of submitting a report. If a report is uploaded it should also be shared with the candidate. If the reviewer does not want to submit a report then the file can moved to the next level of review.