Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Tenure Track Hiring


Implicit Association Test (IAT) 

We recommend that search committee members take at least one implicit association test from Project Implicit. Registration is free and the first test takes about 15 minutes. The tests are not meant to challenge your conscious attitudes, but to identify and reveal, for example, the extent to which you may nevertheless associate groups like "female" witih "family" and "male" with "career". 


  • During the 2019-2020 academic year, Faculty Affairs advertised all 51 tenure-track positions in The Chronicle of Higher Education and in Diverse: Issues in Higher Eduction to provide more equitable advertising for all departments/schools. 
  • For additional advertising resources in order to provide a more inclusive and equitable search, the Northern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) provides a compendium of resources, which can be found by clicking here



We recommend search committee chairs and members review the following interview resources:

The Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Team

The Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Team is a diverse group of college associate deans, department chairs, and former chairs who come from different backgrounds, expertise and disciplines. 

The team advances equity and inclusion in the tenure track hiring process across the campus community by facilitating sessions for departments who seek to fill tenure track positions. 

  • Teaster Baird, Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Troi Carleton, Associate Dean, College of Liberal and Creative Arts 
  • Anoshua Chaudhuri, Chair, Economics 
  • Robert Collins, Former Chair, American Indian Studies
  • Gail Dawson, Associate Dean, College of Liberal and Creative Arts
  • Catriona Esquibel, Associate Dean, College of Ethnic Studies 
  • Doris Flowers, Chair, Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies 
  • Julietta Hua, Former Chair, Women and Gender Studies 
  • Denise Kleinrichert, Associate Dean, College of Business 
  • Katynka Martinez, Chair, Latina/Latino Studies
  • Ron Marzke, Associate Dean, College of Science and Engineering 
  • Ya Wang, Former Co-Chair, J. Paul Leonard Library 
  • Robert Williams, Associate Dean, Graduate College of Education 
  • Yim-Yu Wong, Interm Dean, College of Business