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New Chairs'/Directors' Resources

When One of Your Faculty Members is Dealing with Alcohol Abuse

What Do I Do When a Faculty Member Is Under the Influence at Work?

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Midterm Department Chair Feedback

Here are two sample surveys to assist departments in conducting the department chair midterm-feedback process (F11-145). Sample 1 asks for both quantitative and qualitative information; Sample 2 focuses on qualitative responses.  Both surveys address the four areas of department chair duties as described in the current policy: Academic programs, student affairs, faculty affairs, and administrative responsibilities. Departments are free to adopt, adapt and/or modify these surveys to meet their particular departmental needs and characteristics. 

Sample Surveys

Sample 1: Midterm-Feedback  Department Chair/Director (quantitative and qualitative information)

Sample 2: Midterm-Feedback  Department Chair/Director (qualitative information)