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Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Handbook 

Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Handbook (Fall 2017 version will be posted shortly)

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Academic Senate Policy for Tenure Track Hiring

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Policy and Procedures for Granting of Credit Toward Tenure

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Tenure Track Search Checklist

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Diversity and Inclusion: Advertising 

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Toward Inclusive Excellence-Attracting and Retaining Diverse Faculty and Staff

Take an Implicit Association Test (IAT)

We recommend that search committee members take at least one implicit association test. Registration is free, and the first test takes around 15 minutes. The tests are not meant to challenge your conscious attitudes, but to identify and reveal, for example, the extent to which you may nevertheless associate groups like “female” with “family” and “male” with “career".

Diversity and Inclusion: Interviewing

Acceptable and Unacceptable Interview Questions

Sample Candidate Screening Questions to Assess Diversity Skills