eWPAF Guidelines

San Francisco State has adopted an eWPAF platform, Interfolio.  This page offers support for candidates on using the eWPAF Platform.

Candidate Resources

eWPAF Sign-on: https://account.interfolio.com/sso 

eWPAF Guidelines and support:

    Informational Video 

    You can go to the following sections in the video by moving the playhead to the associated timecode.

    • Signing in :58
    • Uploading Documents 2:28
    • Reordering Documents 5:46
    • The Dossier 7:17
    • External Reviews 8:38
    • Reviewing and Submitting 9:33
    • Recieving Reports and Submitting Rebuttals 11:04
    • Short Reviews 12:30